Running a small business can be a challenge.  We know…we’re a small business ourselves.  We understand your needs and limitations more than large, faceless corporations because we deal with some of the exact same issues every day in our own business.  We use what we learn in running our business to help you make a success of yours.

And, while all small businesses can learn from one another in core business principles, different businesses have different I.T. needs.  Some businesses have enough time on their hands to do some of their own I.T. work.  Those businesses only need occasional assistance.  For them, we offer reasonable flat rate services to help them over the rough spots.

Other small businesses are up to their eyeballs in clients and the daily running of their business.  For those clients, we offer Worry Free PC Managed  I.T. Services.  Worry Free PC Managed I.T. Services are a fantastic value for small businesses that need to focus solely on their clients and growing their business.  With Worry Free PC Managed I.T. Services, we handle everything I.T., and we do mean everything.

With Worry Free PC Managed  I.T. Services, for a low monthly fee per desktop/server, your entire network is covered for any I.T. service need that arises.  Not only do you get unlimited I.T. assistance during business hours, you also get free antivirus, free website hosting, free domain name registration, free on-site server backups and more – all with NO HOURLY FEES.  Worry Free PC Managed I.T. Services is a wonderful value and will save most businesses thousands over the course of a year.

We have been helping small businesses through good times and bad for 10 years.  It has been both our pleasure and a great blessing to have been tasked with helping these small businesses grow by streamlining their I.T. services.  Give Worry Free PC a call today and we’ll show you just how we can help your small business grow as well.