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Yay! OMG it’s so much faster!!! I am so excited! My laptop was absolutely useless before! THANK YOU!!!! I really can’t tell you how much you have made my crazy life easier!

Cassandra Hulett, Teacher

As a young strength coach and trainer trying to find a way to market myself on the internet I was fortunate to meet Jim over a cup of coffee. He helped me by transferring my amateur website over to a WordPress site which was like day and night! Having a website is more than just having a place to direct people it’s about always working on it to grow it and to grow your online presence.

In addition to being a super great technical guy Jim also understands the importance of the marketing side as well. He’s amazing with this stuff. He’s taught me a great deal about this and I always refer to him with my friends and family as my Dragon Slayer, because if there is a problem to arise with the site (which is really never) Jim jumps on it and Slays the Dragon! He’s always up to date and way ahead of an ever changing and ever growing website performance industry.

Jim is the one stop shop being able to host my site, help me with changes, and always giving me advice on how to get me in front of potential new customers. I’m not an arrogant guy by any means, but I am proud of the work I’ve been able to accomplish with my website now having written literally thousands of articles, filmed over 70 videos, and now I’m selling my own self published ebooks directly off of my site and I couldn’t have done it without Jim’s help!

If you are serious about supercharging your business and moving ahead of your competition then you need to contact Jim today. Oh and by the way, just in case you were wondering about what my site looks like under the guidance of Jim then make sure you check it out below.

Thanks again Jim!

Brandon Richey, Personal Fitness & Strength Training Coach
Brandon Richey Fitness

“Jim Hubbard of Worry Free PC is highly trusted by all who know him. His knowledge and skills at repairing troubled computers and systems ranks him as ‘best in class.’ If I have any problem, I have full confidence that Jim will repair and restore my computer back to 100% working order.

He is amazing at diagnosing problems. I have known him to research and find answers, even uncover new fixes when developers didn’t know they had a problem.

Jim puts himself on call and will respond with unbelievable timeliness. He has repaired computers that were attacked by viruses, repairing and restoring system performance. Jim has informed and alerted me to new viruses which saved me downtime with my work.

I recommend Jim Hubbard of Worry Free PC for your computer system installations, backup or any add-on product you are installing for compatibility and top performance.”

Coach Joe Sasso, Author, Speaker, E.Q. Mentor
Team2LEarn Inc.

Dear Jim Hubbard,

I want to take this opportunity to write you on your excellent performance in maintaining our work PC’s here at LABB Holdings LLC. It always amazes me when we call you with an issue and you respond so quickly.

I really am impressed with your work hours and staying in our office till wee hours in the morning to fix our issues. I am quite sure that all companies understand how important their IT staff is to them, but I can say you are important to our company now and as we grow in the future!

Tim Butler, Advisor
LABB Holdings LLC

We really loved working with Jim Hubbard @ Worry Free PC! Our computer and files were so old that he had to do multiple conversions to finally merge our files with the latest version of Quick Books.

Worry Free PC upgraded our system and all of our software at competitive prices. We are so HAPPY to finally be out of the computer dark ages!

Mark Miller, Builder
Mark Miller Properties, Inc. and M&M Painting & Drywall Inc.

Chance meetings can mean so much…I am not a computer person, and always say it’s the “old dog with a new trick”. Not knowing where to go to have a laptop repaired, I took it to one of the large computer stores. I had made several trips to pick it up, and was hearing the same old story about how the repairman had gone home for the day AGAIN.

I totally lost it this time, demanded my laptop back, and as I was about to throw the thing at the salesman…then a young man tapped me on the shoulder, and said that maybe he could help. Ah, the voice of reason! Jim Hubbard gave me a card, I called him the next day, and for over seven years he has been an I.T. wonder to me.

He has kept our computers running, and (this is the best part) answers questions from two old dogs who have no idea about computers. He does it well and patiently!

Anytime anyone needs any computer help, I am happy, confident and proud to give them Jim’s number. He has become a part of the family. I have a catering company, and do all my work on my computers. Everything is stored on them, including pictures, client information, and proposals. I would be lost without them! Jim keeps my business going smoothly.

Jan Webster, Mayor of Nicholson, GA / Professional Chef
Jan Webster Catering