Worry Free PC offers reasonable rates and superior service to both business and residential clients.

Business clients will benefit more from our Managed Services.  You can think of Worry Free PC Managed Services as your own little I.T. department, without the big I.T. department price tag.  Worry Free PC Managed Services wraps all of your small business I.T. needs up into one simple number to call for anything connected to your network or email.  That includes PCs, Macs, servers, desktops, tablets, printers, scanners, security equipment, and more.  Click here for complete details.

PC won’t start?  Tablet or smartphone screen got cracked?  No problem!  We can fix most PC and server hardware issues on-site and have you back in business in about an hour.  If your hardware requires special order parts (as can be the case with tablets, smartphones and some Apple computers), we can order those for you and have your item repaired and back to you within 24 hours of the part’s arrival.  Click here for complete details about Worry Free PC’s On-Site repair services.

Got a virus?  Don’t worry.  Almost everyone gets one from time to time.  Fortunately, we have the expertise to get you back up and running quickly.  We offer complete backup of your hard drive before we begin our on-site virus removal process, and our antivirus removal also includes FREE antivirus software installation and 1 year of antivirus protection.  If you’d prefer, we can also remove most viruses remotely.  Click here for complete details about Worry Free PC’s virus removal services.

PC running slow?  PCs, like our cars, require periodic maintenance to keep running fast and cool.  Slow PCs cost people and businesses thousands of dollars every year in wasted time.  We can clean out your desktop, server or laptop, update all of your applications, clean up your hard drive and maximize the speed of your internet connection in about an hour and save you hundreds of hours that you would have spent waiting on a slow PC.  Click here for complete details about Worry Free PC’s On-Site PC Tune-Up.